HIRMEOS Explanatory Video

To learn more about the goals and implementations of the HIRMEOS project, you can now watch the animation video realized for us by Neue Big, a creative studio focused on textual/visual narratives and explanatory formats, in collaboration with Alpaca (Design) and Worth Knowing (Animation).

The video, which you can now access here or on YouTube and Vimeo, will be enriched in the coming weeks with links to external materials and annotations and will thus become a hypervideo. To do this we will use FrameTrail, an open source software ideated and developed by Joscha Jäger, allowing people to experience, manage and edit interactive video directly in a web browser. It enables to hyperlink filmic contents, include additional multimedia documents (e.g. text overlays, images or interactive maps) and to add supplementing materials (annotations) at specific points.

In this way, the HIRMEOS animation video will become part of an annotation process that is deeply consistent with the idea of digital document which underlies our project. The hypervideo will be enjoyed not only as a normal video but also navigated, explored and consulted whenever you are looking for a quick orientation on the issue of OA monographs. It will be a work in progress that during the course of the HIRMEOS project is going to be continuously updated with new references and materials. Over time, with the implementations of new services and tools on our digital platforms, the video experience will become more and more informative and exciting. We hope you willl enjoy it!


Project Concept and Production by Neue Big http://www.neuebig.com

Script Writing: Daniela Berto (Neue Big), Lisa Cadamuro, Andrea Bertino (SUB Göttingen)

English Editing and Proofreading: Victoria Gosling http://thereaderberlin.com

Design Concept, Creative Direction and Illustrations by Alpaca (Daniele De Rosa, Giulia Bonora) https://www.alpacaprojects.com/

Animation Direction: Marco Bagni & Daniele Arcuri



Voice Narration: Chantal Busse

Music and Sound Design: Julian Terbuyken  https://www.odoeje.de

HIRMEOS Explanatory Video

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