AEUP Workshop with Métopes: From Text to Structured Edition – Producing XML-TEI Content


AEUP, in cooperation with the projects Métopes and HIRMEOS, organizes the workshop From Text to Structured Edition – Producing XML-TEI Content,  from 11 to 13 December 2018 at Göttingen State and University Library.

Métopes, developed at Maison de la Recherche en Sciences Humaines in Caen as a project framework, aims to realize a set of tools and methods to allow the distribution of digital content in standardized environments with high interoperability potential. Métopes contributes to global rationalization of the publishing process by promoting the implementation of new multimedia distribution strategies and ensuring the sustainability of content and metadata. By supporting the production of standardised content (XML-TEI), the Métopes framework enables common catalogues or other content aggregation of associated publishers and content providers (metadata and content) in established industry standards such as ONIX.

The workshop will focus on a tool kit for scholarly publishing from the Métopes framework that facilitates transformation of different text formats in standardized content (XML-TEI). The workshop includes a series of talks, hands-on tutorials and practical exercitations. During the first day, participants will get general information about an XML-based workflow and the benefits for publishers adopting such a production workflow. On the second and third days, participants will work with the Métopes tool-kit and learn about its features and possibilities.  The Métopes developers will guide the participants through the use of the tool and show them best practices to enrich their documents with XML-TEI.

AEUP members’ specific needs in terms of Latex, OJS for full text broadcasting and proofing, use of specific sets of standardized metadatas querying national and international database API will be considered.

The workshop is aimed at editors and publishers who want to acquire knowledge and experience with tools for creating standardized documents in XML. No previous knowledge is required, besides an open attitude towards new technologies and maybe yet unfamiliar standards.

Basis requirements:

Participants of day 2 and 3 need to bring a notebook/laptop with administration rights to install the Métopes software at the beginning of the workshop. We recommend one machine per user. In exceptional cases, one computer per publishing team may work as well.

Technical requirements

Windows or Mac OS (from 10.7.5);

– Microsoft Word and/or LibreOffice;

– XMLMind Personal Edition version 7.6

(Windows:  xxe-perso-7_6_0-setup.exe; Mac: xxe-perso-7_6_0.dmg);

– Adobe Creative Suite, Acrobat Reader (optional, but recommended);


Participants are recommended to bring sample files from their publishing program, from basic (text, notes, headings, quotes…) to complex texts (images, tables, bibliographic references, composite floating text, equations/formulas etc.)., to consider a progression during the training session.


Please note:

Number of participants for day 1 (half day): up to 80 persons.

Number of participants for days 2-3 (two full days): up to 25  persons.

AEUP members have the right of way. In case of a high number of registrations participation is limited to one person per institution. Please register here!

Contact us at; HIRMEOS/local organisation: Andrea Bertino,

AEUP Workshop: From Text to structured Edition – Producing XML-TEI Content

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